Our Products

Data Mart

Transforming loans origination data into business intelligence Data Mart - The foundation for your loans reporting and analysis.

Primetrics's Data Mart delivers business insight and analytic capabilities from Loan Origination Systems data, by transforming loan data into a business focused Data Mart, consumable by standard analytics and reporting tools and an organization's data analysts. The result is a rich and intuitive platform that isolates business users from the technical complexity of the loan origination databases, while allowing rapid, in depth reporting and analysis.

Security Products

Primetrics leverages the enterprise data protection products developed by our enterprise security partners to provide secure and reliable protection for your sensitive data needs.

Whether your enterprise needs multi-factor authentication to ensure secure user access, database encryption to protect sensitive data or PII, or help meeting your regulatory compliance mandates such as PCI DSS, SOX, and HIPAA, Primetrics' Enterprise Security Specialists can provide solutions to help you accomplish your business objectives.

Mobile Credit

Delivering loan origination services via your customers' channel of choice.

Primetrics's Mobile Credit application enables mobile lenders and sales teams in the field to originate new loans of all types while delivering a differentiated lending experience.

ATM Solutions

Customers rely on your automated teller machines (ATMs), expecting them to be available for transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The moment your ATMs go down or fail to provide the services customers expect, your business diminishes. By entrusting your ATM network to Primetrics, you’ll ensure that this valuable customer retention tool stays up and running.