Application & Integration Services

Primetrics Systems Integration Services can help design and develop custom integrations to provide your organization with business agility. Your unique business processes are what set you apart from your competitors. However, many organizations are faced with business processes that are heavily reliant on the manual input of data or the need to access multiple systems and sources of data to perform daily tasks. As your business grows, so do the business systems that support your various departments; as well, business systems are spread across multiple technology platforms making integration changes very difficult to implement.and deliver your processes and services efficiently.

Systems integration has become complicated, costly, and resource-intensive at a time when many companies simply do not have the resources or expertise available. Primetrics’s systems integration experts are leaders in integrations resulting from decades of experience helping large and small organizations.

Service Buses and other integration technologies connect disparate systems and represent IT functions as services. Primetrics can help design and implement systems that conform to a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). Many organizations are not able to move to a SOA landscape all at once and may need to move towards such an architecture in a phased manner or as new systems are introduced. Whatever the approach your organization takes, Primetrics can help you every stage of the way.

Organizations are also using a combination of on-premise solutions, private cloud environments and IT services from public cloud solution providers. This raises new challenges for IT. Primetrics can help design and implement private or hybrid cloud environments tailored to your specific needs.

Our System Integration Service approach ensures that all your integrations are designed and developed within the context of your business and remain flexible and responsive to changes in your business strategy.

Custom Application Development

Let the Primetrics development team create or enhance an application to improve your business operations.

SaaS and Web Development

Reap the benefits of SaaS and Web-based applications by employing the expertise of our software development team.

Mobile Development

Primetrics can help design and develop applications for mobile platforms including iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone, along with creating mobile web applications, to deliver your services across all desktops and devices.


Let us integrate systems and applications to improve your business processes.