Biometric Solutions

Time and Attendance

Use biometric identification and devices to clock employees in and out, and resumption, during and after lunch and after business hours.

This ensures that employees time and attendance are accurately captured for payroll, vacation computations and other productive reasons as needed by the organization.

Access Control System

Biometric fingerprint scanners and sensors, are accurate at deciding who should have physical access to what part of the organization.

This is an effective means of biologically restraining un-approved employees from physical access to parts of the organizations that are off-limits.

Physical Access to different parts of offices are biometrically programmed, so that each area is exclusive as defined by the Access control system.

Benefits Administration

Payroll, healthcare, and other social service benefits are administered using biometric recognition devices.

This ensures that there are no deceptions, inaccuracies or other unnecessary mistakes associated with improper identification.

Network Application Login

An organization’s virtual assets are as critical as its physical assets. Its important to protect access to data and information within an organization.

Network/Application access needs to be biometrically protected, to avoid loss of data and information, or give improper access to wrong people. This is an effective means of securing data and information within an organization.